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My daughter has been attending the VWID school of Irish dancing for 10 years now starting when she was 6. During that time I have watched her confidence grow not only as a dancer but as a person. All the dancers are all very supportive of one another and I'm sure some will remain life long friends. Vicky the Teacher has so much passion for Irish Dancing that it is a joy to watch her dancers bloom under her guidance. I don't know where she gets her energy from? VWID is one big happy family and that includes us parents.

Sandra and Paul Murphy 

When my children saw the programme JIG on BBC they wanted to do Irish Dance, so when someone recommended VW Irish Dancing at the end of 2011 we went along, I thought it would be like everything else they do, a one minute wonder, but we are now in to our 4th year and they LOVE it ! I am happy as it keeps them fit and healthy, they are happy as they have made lots of new friends outside of school that all have the same interest in Irish Dance.

Vicky is an excellent teacher and role model, who teaches dance purely for the love of it and juggles it with a full time management role and a family, all profits go back into the school, and she buys them all presents, holds a class Feis and a Christmas party every year with the funds

Bernadette Hobbs

 The support Becca has had from the teachers as well as the other girls has helped her develop her dancing skill really quickly. It is always lovely to catch up with the other parents at class and social events. The students are always a credit to Vicky at all the competitions. Friday night adult class is the perfect way to end a stressful week at work !

Lots of laughs.

Cheryl Horton

 Being a parent of a VWID dancer makes me proud to be part of such a lovely dance school. My daughter really enjoys herself and I can see the improvement under the watchful caring eyes of Vicky, Becky, Casey and Jada. She is encouraged and given goals that are achievable for her.

Angelina Peaker

I am very happy to be part of the VWID family, we are a very close team and all work extremely well together. As my daughter is only 5 I can see a great future ahead for her here. Vicky is a fantastic  teacher!

Natalie Moss